We have over 160.000m2 of covered storage locations within 240.000m2 of a total guarded area, covering multiple temperature zones, spread across 15 locations throughout Attica, Thessaloniki and Patra, as well as 11.000m2 of office space in several buildings.

We have tax and customs warehouses, as well as pharmaceutical warehouses fully licensed and certified.

Every warehouse is equipped with all necessary machinery and security systems to ensure operational safety.

We handle over 140.000 different products (SKU) every day with professionalism, safety and efficiency.


Apart from our 15 Warehouse Centers in Attica, Thessaloniki and Patra, we also use 10 additional hubs throughout Greece.

More than 300 routes are executed daily throughout a wide network of associated partners using contemporary EURO-5 compliant vehicles, which are monitored in real time for the route execution and conditions’ compliance if required by the project.

The loading and routing process is performed with the use of the most advanced technological tools to optimize and safely handle the products distribution across 35.000 distinct points in the country.
Repackaging diakinisis


We DO NOT negotiate the quality of our repackaging services.

With a production pace of over 30m units per year, we are your #1 choice in repackaging as well, with modern production lines, fully trained permanent personnel and awarded know-how.