The largest 3PL company in Greece

Our People

Our personnel have been the driven forcesince 1977 of development.

At DIAKINISIS, we aim at selecting high quality personnel, while constantly keeping them up to date of all the latest developments, monitor their progress and share their evolution with our clients, since our people are also our clients’ people …
The largest 3PL company in Greece


DIAKINISIS is a company of equal opportunities that respects diversity and is loyal to common values, shared not only with its people, but also with its Partners.
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By choosing and entrusting us with your project, you are confident that we have the CAPABILITY, EXPERIENCE and RESOURCES to provide solutions to every business endeavour in the Logistics field.

Our people stand out for their Experience, Know –How, Friendly approach and Character.

Get to know us today and let us help you start a new successful course.